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about the market

The Clearwater Hispanic Farmers Market welcomes the community to honor and celebrate the local Hispanic heritage in Clearwater, FL.

We aim to create a cultural experience enriched by our local vendors, artisans, craft-makers, and folklore performing arts. 

We believe in supporting small businesses to build a stronger community of intercultural heritages and establish the market as a landmark attraction in the heart of downtown Clearwater.  

ALL ARE WELCOME! We celebrate cultural diversity together!


The Clearwater Hispanic Farmers Market is a family friendly and dog friendly outdoor event with music, dance and games!

We encourage our guests to bring their own lawn chairs and enjoy the shopping and live performances.        ​ 

Calm Sea


Extremely thankful to Simply Health Care, Attorney Frank Cole, City of Clearwater, Kathleen Peck, Unimex, Pedro Hernandez, Abel Hernandez, WireMark, and the Florida Farmers Market Association for their support.

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